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Welcome to The Castleton House and Gallery Ltd

Hello!   As you all may already know, we have been working hard to better our website for a more user-friendly experience that will benefit not only perusing our site through your personal computers, but also tablets, phones, and soon wearable technology such as the Apple Watches!   In trying to bring this new site to you, we had to do extensive research to make sure we partnered with perfect teams that will allow us to create a fantastic site!   We are incredibly excited with the new design we are going to launch in the next couple weeks. That being said, please note, our shopping cart is still live and so to see a sample of our products, please click here. Our custom woodwork is not currently online, but should you have have any questions about our tack trunks, totes, etc., please feel free to call at 1-847-461-9088 or e-mail me at Thank you for your patience during this time.   Sincerely, The Castleton House and Gallery Ltd.