Castleton Gallery

Our love is Sporting Lifestyle Art.

Our passion is to help our clients find and collect fine sporting lifestyle art that they love! At The Castleton House and Gallery Ltd. we carefully select emerging and established artists specializing in Equestrian/Canine and Sporting Lifestyle art constantly striving to meet our clients’ needs.


Each artist that we represent is an artist that we personally believe in. They are usually artists whose art can be found hanging  on our walls personally.  We feel strongly about each of our artists in their personal talent, strength of their work and their current and future recognition.  We can say their pieces touch us or speak to us.  


Occasionally, we discover an artist that is up and coming and extremely talented.  Though outside what we consider the Sporting Lifestyle world, we feel compelled to bring their talent to focus. A fantastic opportunity for those looking for a truly unique piece!

Our Vintage and Unique gallery finds are special pieces from artists that we do not represent, but that we have been able to obtain and offer to our clients.  These are beautiful pieces that we believe you will find of special interest.