Jessie Cosgrove

Jessie Cosgrove was born in New York and was raised in the Chicago area. She credits the time spent between city and country life as the inspiration for her colorful and bold art style. Jessie’s artwork embodies a unique interplay of urban and country aesthetics. Her soulful and stylized pieces reflect her respect for the natural and urban scenes around her. Her very earliest memories include breaking Shetland ponies on her uncle’s farm in up state New York and playing with whatever dogs could be found around the farm. After moving to the Chicago area Jessie’s talents as a equestrian developed. She rode to hounds, participated in horse trials, and exercised race horses at Arlington Park. Her discerning eye for movement and confirmation can be seen and felt in her equine and canine portraits. Jessie was identified early on as an artist, first by her teachers and then by her professors at Columbia College in Chicago.